Wednesday, February 2, 2011

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Review Preview

Yeah, okay, not strictly a horror movie. I figure it's close enough.

The Thing

Let me be blunt. Every protagonist in this film fails Horror Movie Survival 101.

When faced with an eldritch space abomination capable of infecting anyone it chooses and taking over their bodies, the first thing you do NOT do is split up like a group of pants-on-head retards. That kind of idiotic behavior gets everyone killed.

One scene I really found kind of interesting was the defibrillator scene. I must admit, I was surprised. I was not expecting his chest to eat the doctor's hands. But the sad thing was, as soon as built up the tension, it was broken almost instantly, by the most hilarious thing in the movie. I am of course referring to the headcrab. One, it's ridiculous. It's just silly. Two, once I realized what face it was making, I just couldn't take it seriously.
^ reference ^
But let's get back to the point. The basic plot was great. A horrifying evil, that could look or act like anyone? It eats them and wears them as a suit, blending in with everyone else? Classic. This movie, however, was just a little bit flawed in its execution. Aside from every protagonist being absolute drooling dipshits, there were just a few things that were bugging me like, for instance, why did they have a huge rack of shotguns just sitting there in the hall? The flamethrowers were at least plausible, seeing as they might need them to defrost equipment and such, but why the shotguns? And, for that matter, just what were they researching, anyway? There was some missing backstory there that could have been fascinating.

The Thing is by no means a bad movie. I genuinely enjoyed it. I would highly recommend giving it a watch. Final verdict? 4/5, for great concept let down by a few cliches.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

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